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Since the 17th century, A saying among Chinese people that "the scissors in wuhu and the broadsword in bowang".

After more than 200 years of development, especially after the 1990s,
Bowang cutting tool machine tool industry fruitful:
Maximum pressure up to 6,400 ton machine;
Minimum precision error 0.01-0.02 mm;
Tool has high hardness, strong toughness , long service life, which is 20 times of the ordinary blade.
After the United States and Italy, China will become the world's third largest producer of pure electric servo bending machines!

Therefore, bowang is known as "the first town of blade mold in China", and its reputation is widely spread throughout the country.

Aoxuanzg, Founded in 2001, formerly known as Aoxuancnc, 
came up with an idea: stick to innovation, support "made in China" with quality, and make the world love made in China.

Design plan: More than 10 designers with more than 5 years of experience;
Accessories: Top accessories from more than 20 countries and regions;
Quality;International standards are our minimum standards;
Material: Each material is strictly screened by quality inspection personnel one by one;
Error:Precision error minimum 0.01-0.02 mm;

Responsible for yourself, also for the dream of every employee;
Responsible for customers, Installation check - Quality inspection - Customer inspection, triple quality testing;
Responsible for environment, make full use of materials, reduce the waste of resources;
Responsible for national honor, let the world love made in China!

Aoxuanzg always believes that quality determines survival, details determine fate, and innovation changes the world.

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leave a message

    If you are interested in our products, please leave a message here, you will know more details.