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Some common sense of CNC shearing machine

  • 2020-03-30 16:29:49

QC11K Swing Steel Shearing Machine

The plate shearing machine is a kind of equipment that uses the upper and lower cutting edges to cut the plate material. Its movement process is shown as follows: under the condition of selecting the appropriate blade clearance, the metal plate material is fixed on the lower knife seat, and the plate material is cut through the upper cutting edge, so that the plate material is broken and separated according to the actual size.

When cutting metal sheet metal, there are mainly three kinds of forging press, which are cutting edge forging press, cutting head forging press and cutting tail forging press respectively.In the actual production process, the shears can effectively cut different length, different thickness and different materials of metal sheet, so it is widely used in construction, light industry and metallurgy.

In the process of sheet metal cutting, the pressure of the shearing machine is complex, and can produce slight vibration deformation, easy to affect shear shearing accuracy, in this case, in order to improve the shear performance and stability of shearing machine, will increase the weight of the shearing machine in production, and increase the thickness of the part structure, the shearing machine production cost will be increased, and transportation will also increase the difficulty of shearing machine.With the development of the current manufacturing industry, the market competition puts forward higher requirements for the production of the shears, that is, to meet the requirements of the use of the premise of reducing the weight of the shears, reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.Therefore, the research on the structural optimization design of shears is more and more in-depth.

The customer bought a CNC hydraulic shearing machine back to use after a period of time found that the hydraulic shearing machine can not move, I will say the hydraulic shearing machine can not move is what causes, we how to operate, and solve.

Shears exist in the market in the important position of the enterprise plate cutting, about the use of the shears is widely concerned, mechanical shears which good, about the use of the shears in the process of common problems, for you to carry out a simple summary, I hope to help you.

1. Hydraulic CNC shearing machine, are they the same equipment?

Answer: hydraulic pressure and numerical control shearing machine, these two kinds are same kind of equipment, buy mechanical shearing machine, because they belong to shearing machine.However, professionally speaking, one is the principle of operation and the other is the principle of control.

2. CNC shearing machine shear not to move, what is the reason?

Answer: numerical control shears the word that the machine cuts not to move, machine shears the machine, it may be the plate is too thick, or its clearance is too small, still may be pressure is insufficient.

3. How should the gap between the cutting edge of CNC shearing machine be adjusted?

Answer: the adjustment of the gap between the cutting edge of the CNC shearing machine is mainly carried out according to the cutting thickness.

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