Application of robot in press brake

  • 2020-05-26 16:59:22

Application of robot in press brake

During the outbreak, many businesses were unable to start because many workers could not return to their factories on time.Industrial robot press brake.Sheet metal automation not only replaces the unstable production of traditional enterprises, but also has many advantages: improve production capacity, improve product stability, improve product quality, reduce production time, reduce labor costs, reduce management difficulty.More and more enterprises are aware of the rising labor cost, and have replaced and upgraded in succession, and purchased a large number of robot equipment in sheet metal processing plants.

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The robot is equipped with vacuum chuck, magnetic separation feeding frame, positioning platform, feeding platform, turnover frame...

What is the specific function of the press brake robot?

1. Manufacturing problems: multiple varieties, small batch and quick switching cannot be realized;

2. Low precision of parts: the bending precision of high-precision parts in the sheet metal industry is low and the quality is unstable;

3. Employment difficulties of enterprises: sheet metal bending operators are scarce and labor intensity of workers is high;

4. Comprehensive issues: personnel cost, safety risks, process layout, management and operation.

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Workflow details:
1, Feeding

The robot grabs the product at the feeding position, and whether it grasps the product is mainly detected by the sensor on the fixture.

2. Position the middle platform

The robot will grab the product from the feeding position and put it on the center stage. After the positioning is completed, the robot will grab the product again to ensure the consistency of each grab.

3. Robot assisted bending

The robot grasps the product close to the positioning device behind the press brake.In the process of approaching.The robot slides along the bottom mold. When the rear positioning sensor is triggered, the product is in place, and the robot controls the press brake to bend.

4. Robot changing side clamping

The robot places the finished bending workpiece on the changing table and rotates the fixture 180 degrees to grasp the workpiece again.

5, Discharging
After the robot finished stacking the finished products, the robot returned to the home point for the second cycle

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