Basic knowledge of punch press machine

  • 2019-12-09 17:51:04

Press Machine Punching Hole Machine

Press Machine Punching Hole Machine

The punching is designed to convert circular motion into linear motion.By the main motor output, drive the flywheel, driven by the clutch gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod operation, to achieve the slider linear movement, from the main motor to the connecting rod movement for circular motion.

The punching presses the material to shape and deform it, so as to obtain the desired shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with a set of molds (upper die and lower die) to place the material in the middle, and the machine applies the pressure to deform it. The reaction force caused by the force applied to the material during processing is absorbed by the mechanical body of the press.

The technical parameters of the press machine reflect the technological capability of a press machine, the size range of the parts it can process and the relevant productivity indicators, and are also an important basis for choosing and using the press and designing the mold.

Some common sense for customers to buy the punch machine:

1. According to the user’s own material demand to choose the suitable type of punching, style gold Australia orchid punch production of punch model complete, to meet the needs of the user model, in the product quality of strict control, to create excellent quality for the user.

2. A high-quality punch machine, its efficiency is also an indispensable factor, unified use, the more low energy consumption of the machine is more popular.

3 we all have this common sense, the more functions of the punching machine, its service life is shorter, also in the choice of punch should consider this, in the premise of meeting our needs, the machine should be as simple as possible, at the same time the operation should be as simple as possible.

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