Combined punching and shearing machine ironworker operation tips

  • 2020-02-24 15:27:34

CNC Hydraulic Iron Worker Shearing And Punching Machine

1. Checking before operating Combined punching and shearing machine.

(1) Wearing labor protection products before production to remove obstacles and keep them unobstructed.

(2) Sufficient lubrication shall be provided for each transmission part, and 2-3 times of refueling shall be provided for each lubrication point per shift.

(3) The cutting tool and punching die should be in good condition without cracking, fastening and reliable.

(4) The clearance between the punch and the die hole wall should be even, in accordance with the requirements of punching and shearing, and the punch * configuration should slightly exceed the die hole plane.

(5) The equipment has good electrical insulation and grounding.

(6) Check whether the safety protection devices (cover and shell) are intact and fixed. After confirming that they are firm, open an empty vehicle for test operation. Production can only be conducted after confirming that they are normal.

CNC Hydraulic Iron Worker Shearing And Punching Machine

2. Operation instructions of iron worker

(1) The operator must understand the equipment performance of the joint punching and shearing machine, electrical knowledge and master the operating procedures, must be in charge of the person, after training, can be on duty.

(2) Check the power supply, the control switches are in good condition, the foot switch is not off, open the wiring cabinet of the joint punching and shearing machine and close the cabinet door.

(3) Check whether the emergency stop switch can work or not. Production can only be started after the confirmation of normal condition.

(4) during work, pay attention to the power should be turned off every time the mold is changed. U

(5) turn off the switch after work, turn off the main power switch, and clean the debris.

3. Matters needing attention when operate the iron worker

(1)Punching and shearing steel plate, round steel, square steel, section steel, etc, can be carried out simultaneously, but two kinds of steel must not be cut at the same time.

(2) Cutting quenched steel and processing beyond the capacity of the equipment are strictly prohibited.

(3)The cutting tool and cutting edge should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be replaced in time if it becomes dull or has a cracking phenomenon.

(4) Shear steel plate, round steel, square steel.Section steel must be pressed tight.

(5)When the equipment is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating surface of the machine, measure the workpiece, and directly clean the leftover materials by hand.

(6)When the operator leaves the machine tool, he must stop the machine. When starting the machine again, he shall check that the original position of the handle in each part shall remain unchanged.

(7)Do not shear laminated sheet material, do not trim the edge of raw sheet material, do not shear pressure is not tight narrow sheet material and short material.

(8) When two or more people work together, one must give unified command and act in unison.

(9)When feeding, the finger must be 200mm away from the cutting edge, and special tools should be used for small pieces.

(10)The operator should concentrate, do not allow from the joystick opposite feeding.

(11) Operating in strict accordance with operating procedures.

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