Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machine

  • 2019-10-14 13:42:54

laser cutting machine

1. Poor cutting effect or no cutting through?

The power setting is small, the potentiometer is small, the light is biased, the lens is dirty, the focusing lens is mounted backwards, the focal length, the laser power supply, the power attenuation of the laser tube, the water temperature is too high, the voltage is unstable and so on are determined according to the actual situation, by simple as deep.

2. Can't connect to the device?

Whether to install the board card driver, whether the USB cable or network cable is inserted well, whether the USB cable or network cable is broken, the adapter board is broken, the board card, etc

3. Boot back to the origin and move in the opposite direction?

Origin switch broken

4. Cutting pattern distortion and cutting overlap?

Synchronous wheel screw loose, motor wire broken, motor broken, driver, voltage, etc

5. The laser cutting machine device can not start and boot room open on the trip?

Whether the emergency stop is sprung up, whether the external circuit is connected, whether the device is closed, whether the power on hear the sound of a snap, such as check the main contactor and control transformer, etc.;Water protection leakage leads to short circuit of the laser power (such as JGHY12570 water protection position is installed on the side, just below it is the laser power), short circuit of 107 water pump, indoor air opening has been used too small, etc

6. High voltage wire ignition?  I suggest putting a high voltage insulation sleeve on the outside of the high voltage cable

7. Is the graphic too big or too small?

Whether the output graph size is the same, Z axis height position change, correction file, etc

8. The color in the middle and around of the printed image is different.

Adjust the focus coefficient, adjust the W axis focus, etc

9 In the process of marking there are broken phenomenon and spot thickening?

Dynamic, DA board, etc

10. Marking graphic position offset?

The X-axis or Y-axis position of the vibrating lens is offset. Find the center point and adjust the position of XY axis according to the actual offset direction

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