Common mechanical failures and maintenance of press brake machine

  • 2020-05-19 09:38:35

Due to the heavy load, the lubrication of the moving parts is not in place, and the working environment is more complicated, the bending machine is prone to wear and tear of the moving parts. Here, the editor will analyze the common mechanical failures and maintenance of bending machine for everyone:

1. When the slider is moving forward, the downward line is not vertical, and an abnormal sound is made.

This type of failure is due to the long use time of the guide rail, abnormal lubrication of the guide rail, and the increased clearance caused by wear. Need to check the degree of wear of the guide rail pressure plate, and readjust to meet the required gap. Depending on the degree of wear, determine whether to replace the rail pressure plate. If the strain is serious, it needs to be replaced.

a. The original pressure plate is laminated with plastic. Pay attention to the hardness of the plastic and the surface of the guide rail. After shoveling, ensure that the surface of the surface is more than 85%. The zigzag lubricating oil groove is opened.

b. To choose tin bronze plate or nodular cast iron, the grinder of the mating surface is processed, the connecting bolt should be lower than the mating surface, and the zigzag lubricating oil groove is opened.

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2. The size of the back gauge is inconsistent at both ends (large and small)

The error at both ends is small, within 2mm, check to confirm that the X1 / X2 mechanical transmission structure is fault-free, and the error can be eliminated by adjusting the finger finger fine-tuning. If the mechanical transmission structure is fault-free (such as: bearings, ball screws, wire rails, transmission wheels, transmission belts, etc.), eliminate the failure. Re-adjust to the parallelism tolerance range, and re-install the synchronous transmission device.

3. No action on the rear shaft

The reason for the failure of the rear gear shaft transmission may be because the transmission shaft is detached from the synchronous pulley, the key bar, or the synchronous belt slips off. The stopper shaft driver and servo motor are faulty, and the host computer control system is faulty. Such faults need to check and confirm the cause of the fault, repair or replace the faulty component, and eliminate the fault.

4. Loose connection between cylinder and slider

The loose connection between the cylinder and the slider may cause inaccurate bending angle or the press brake machine cannot find the reference point.

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