Common sense for purchasing a punching machine

  • 2019-08-28 11:59:24

Punching machine working principle:

The design principle of the punching machine is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion. The main motor produces a force to drive the flywheel, and the clutch drives the gear, the crankshaft (or eccentric gear), the connecting rod, etc. to achieve linear motion of the slider, and the movement from the main motor to the connecting rod is a circular motion.

The punch presses the material to deform it to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to match a set of molds (dividing the upper mold and the lower mold), placing the material between them, and applying pressure by the machine to make it The deformation, the reaction force caused by the force applied to the material during processing, is absorbed by the punching machine body.

The technical parameters of the press reflect the process capability of a press, the size range of the parts that can be processed, and the relevant productivity indicators. It is also an important basis for selecting, using the press and designing the mold.

Some common sense that customers should be aware of when purchasing a punching machine:

1.The efficiency of a high-quality punching machine is also an indispensable factor. The more energy-efficient the machine, the more popular it is.

2. The more functional machine, the shorter its lifetime. Also consider this when choosing a punching machine. Under the premise of meeting our needs, the machine should be as simple as possible and operate at the same time. It should be as simple as possible.

4. Daily operating equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.

5. Safety factors mainly include safety of workers and safety considerations for the plant. The application of low-voltage lines greatly guarantees user safety.

6. The above several standards are taken into account in the future. Next, test the machine. It is necessary to specifically look at the operation of the press. Generally, the punching machine manufacturers will allow the customers to bring their own raw materials.

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