Comparison between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine

  • 2019-10-28 18:20:12

At present, the most popular cutting equipment on the market should be laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, they have been widely used in hardware products, kitchen utensils, cabinets, lamps, cars, machinery, advertising and other industries, there are a lot of customersdn’t know about the difference between plasma cutting and laser cutting machine.

Principle of laser cutting machine:

The energy released when the laser beam shines on the workpiece surface causes the workpiece to melt and evaporate, thus achieving the purpose of cutting.The laser has the directivity of no divergence, has the extremely high luminous intensity, the high coherence, the high intensity and the high directivity, thus causes the cutting speed to be fast, the precision is high, the cutting quality is good, the cutting slit is narrow; Laser cutting heat affected area is small, deformation is very small, cutting safety, clean, no pollution, greatly improve the operating environment.

Principle of plasma cutting:

The heat of high temperature plasma arc is used to melt and evaporate the metal at the workpiece incision.

Comparison between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine:

1. Degree of damage: laser cutting does not damage the workpiece processing, and plasma cutting cutting workpiece will exist or large or small damage, in the cutting process if plasma cutting machine cutting nozzle problems will cause obvious defects to the plate.

2.Slit: because the laser beam focused into a very small point of light, so the workpiece cutting slit is very narrow, and the plasma cutting slit is larger than the laser cutting machine slit.

3. Speed: the speed of the laser cutting machine than the plasma cutting machine much faster.

4. Precision: the laser cutting machine cutting precision is high, laser cutting positioning precision 0.05mm, repeat positioning precision 0.02mm, and plasma cutting than the laser cutting machine cutting precision is lower.

In addition, pay attention to the laser cutting machine when finished the operation could not to touch the hand immediately.

Laser cutting machine :

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