Difference between guillotine shearing machine and swing shearing machine

  • 2019-09-09 16:21:18

The shearing machine is divided into guillotine shearing machine and swing shearing machine from the working principle. In addition to the different working principles, the guillotine shearing machine and the swing shearing machine have the following differences in terms of actual processing and use:

1. The precision of the guillotine shearing machine is higher (the precision of the shearing machine, also known as the straightness of the shearing plate), which is twice as high as that of the swing shearing machine;

2. The shear angle of the guillotine shearing machine is adjustable, and it is adjusted according to different plates, while the shearing angle of the swing shearing machine is fixed;

3. There are 4 knife-edge faces on the knife-type shearing machine, and only 2 knife-edge faces in the guillotine machine. In the process of use, the knife edge surface can be exchanged, the gate machine has many facets and the service life is longer;

4. The guillotine shearing machine has a wider application range and is suitable for the processing of sheet metal shearing in most areas. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal sheets can be processed;

5. The guillotine cutting machine has higher production cost. From the perspective of cost saving, if the precision of the shearing plate is very low, and the thickness of the shearing plate is relatively thin (plates below 8mm) Choose to buy a swing shearing machine.

6. For the processing of more than 8mm sheet, the guillotine shearing machine must be selected, because the principle of the pendulum shearing machine limits that it cannot cut thick plates.

Swing shearing machine:

Swing shearing machine

Guillotine shearing machine

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