Eight major faults of hydraulic bending machine

  • 2020-09-08 11:13:30

Eight major faults of hydraulic bending machine

There are many types of faults when we operate the bending machines. Today we will briefly introduce a few, the eight major faults that are often encountered.

1. Each fault of the bending machine should be classified according to related faults or non-related faults, and related faults are counted. Non-related faults such as misuse faults and dependent faults are not counted, but should be recorded when do the test.

2. When calculating the reliable discharge characteristic of the bending machine, only the essential fault is counted. However, if the essential fault causes a subordinate fault, the category of the essential fault shall be determined according to the more serious fault.

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3. Failures that cannot be determined as essential faults or subordinate faults are counted as essential faults.

4. If the bending machine has multiple functions that cannot be completed or the performance indicators exceed the specified limits, and the project cannot prove that they are caused by the same cause, each item is judged as a fault of the bending machine. If it is caused by the same reason, only one failure of the bending machine is judged.

5. If a function of the bending machine cannot be completed or the performance index exceeds the specified value, and it is caused by multiple independent faults, each independent fault is judged as a fault of the bending machine.

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6. Each failure of repeated failures shall be counted as an associated failure.

7. The replacement of parts and accessories that have reached the specified life span and the damage used beyond the specified life span will not be counted as failures.

8. For failures found in shutdown detection, test suspension, and inspection after the end, the failure occurrence time is considered the moment of shutdown.

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