How does a pneumatic punching machine work

  • 2020-03-09 16:50:45

pneumatic power press punching machine aluminum foil container making machine

The pneumatic punch uses the high-pressure gas produced by the compressor to transport the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipeline. The action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the work and return of the cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of punching.

Pneumatic punching machine

Pneumatic punching machine technical principle:

The compressed air can be stored in the tank and used at any time, so the motor does not waste energy by idling.Using the cylinder as the working part and the solenoid valve as the control component makes the machine structure more simple, low failure rate, high safety, simple maintenance, lower maintenance cost and high production efficiency. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, easy to operate.

Main features of pneumatic punching:

1.Pneumatic punch is relatively clean and hygienic.The use of advanced photoelectric protection technology, can achieve a large increase in safety performance, computer counting and program, can achieve unattended processing process, greatly improve the efficiency of work, reduce the cost of production.

In all kinds of metal and non-metal pipe, plate punching field, most of the use of electric punch to complete, electric punch not only noise pollution environment, its complex structural components determine its high cost, maintenance difficulty, maintenance cost, heavy body, and consumption of electricity. When working, the operation is complex, the failure rate is high, the safety hidden trouble is big.

2.The machine structure is simple, production cost is low, the use of pneumatic technology, to achieve an air compressor can provide a number of pneumatic punching machine work, more energy saving than electric punch.Reduce power consumption. Simple operation, high safety, the use of foot switch to control the solenoid valve, simple structure, low failure rate, improve production efficiency.

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