How to avoid the deviations in bending angle and size

  • 2020-08-04 14:10:38
How to avoid the deviations in bending angle and size

For the bending process of the press brake, the quality of bending mainly depends on two important parameters, the angle and size of the bending. When you use the press brake machine to bend plate sheet, in order to ensure the size and angle of the bending, the following aspects need to be paid attention to.

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1)The upper and lower molds of the bending machine are not aligned with each other, which will cause errors in the bending dimensions. The upper and lower mold dies must be aligned before bending.

2) After the positions of the back gauge are moved, the relative position of the sheet metal and the lower die may change, which will affect the bending size. The position and distance of the back gauge must be re-measured before bending.

3) Insufficient parallelism between the workpiece and the lower die of the press brake will cause bending rebound and affect the bending angle. So the parallelism must be measured and adjusted before bending.

4) When the primary bending angle is insufficient, the secondary bending will also be affected. The accumulation of bending errors will increase the forming size and angle errors of the workpiece. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the accuracy of single-sided bending.

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5) When you use the cnc press brake to bend, the size of the lower die V port is inversely proportional to the bending pressure. When processing metal sheets with different thicknesses, you need to select the appropriate lower die V-groove according to the regulations. Generally, 6 to 8 times to the thickness of the plate is most appropriate.

6) When the workpiece is bent on the bending machine after the V-shaped grooving, we should ensure that the edge of the upper die, the bottom edge of the V-shaped groove of the workpiece, and the bottom edge of the V-shaped groove of the lower die are on the same vertical plane.

7) When bending the workpiece after grooving, in order to prevent knife clamping, the best angle of the upper die of the press brake should be controlled at about 84°.

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