Knowledge and maintenance of CNC hydraulic plate shearing machine

  • 2019-12-30 16:11:06

CNC hydraulic shearing machine is a common shearing machine.

The characteristics of the hydraulic plate shearing machine are as follows:

(1) The hydraulic plate shearing machine use the rectangular lower blade, and can use four cutting edges for cutting, so as to extend the service life of the blade.

(2)There is usually an auxiliary tool holder on the working table of the plate shearing machine, which is used for minor adjustment of the blade.

(3) Shearing stroke can be adjusted, so it can not only realize sectional shear, but also improve shear efficiency, and automatically count shear times, thus reducing the workload.

(4) Non-polar adjustment is adopted to adjust the clearance of the blade to adapt to the thickness of different plates and different shear needs.

(5) The plate cutting machine is the use of steel plate welding, and on the work surface of the feeding ball, so the operation is very convenient.

(6) The hydraulic system of the hydraulic shearing machine is the use of advanced integrated hydraulic system, not only to reduce the installation of the pipeline, but also to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation, the so-called kill two birds with one stone.

The basic knowledge is divided into several parts of the hydraulic brake shears, for the adjustment of the machine, the maintenance of the hydraulic system and matters needing attention.

1. Machine adjustment

(1) if you want to adjust the edge clearance value, then just press the adjustment button on the machine tool panel, should be adjusted according to the thickness of the shear plate.

(2) press the shear Angle adjustment button on the panel to adjust the shear Angle, mainly to adjust the size of the Angle.

(3) in the case of the same clearance at the left and right ends, adjust the pull screw of the lower tool holder, can adjust the uniformity of the clearance.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system

(1) Hydraulic circuit

A. Check the oil level of the tank regularly. If the oil level is lower than the center line of the oil standard, it should be replenished.

B. When the machine is officially used for 500 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once. After 2000 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once.

C. The hydraulic oil used must comply with the standards, and the tank must be thoroughly cleaned every time the oil is changed.

(2) The oil filter

It should be cleaned regularly, using a solution such as gasoline or trichloroethylene.When the machine is first used, it should be cleaned once after 8 days of use, and then cleaned every 30 days after work.In addition, if there is serious damage to the filter assembly, it can not continue to use, should be replaced immediately.

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