Knowledge of laser cutting machine maintenance

  • 2019-11-11 14:08:52

Knowledge of laser cutting machine maintenance

1. Laser cutter dust prevention and dedusting: dust will make the insulation performance of electrical components worse and lead to electrical breakdown, will make the motion system wear worse and lead to the reduction of precision, will make the light of the optical system become weak and no light.Usually to use a cloth to scrub the equipment appearance clean, with a long brush and high-pressure air gun on the inside of the equipment scour clean.2. Heat protection and heat removal: the temperature rise will reduce the insulation performance of the equipment and make the component parameters worse.Generally, the working environment of cutting machine is not more than 40℃, 20~25℃ is the most suitable.3. Anti-vibration and anti-loosening: the cutting machine is particularly sensitive to vibration. The working environment should be far away from the places with punch presses, heavy objects and other vibration sources.4. Anti-interference and anti-leakage: the electromagnetic environment of the cutting machine mainly includes the surrounding electromagnetic field, the quality of power supply, and the interference of signal electrical noise.

The frequency fluctuation range of the power grid with good power supply quality is ±0.5%, and the width fluctuation range is 5%~±10%. When the power supply quality is poor, the power regulator or UPS power supply should be configured.Electrical noise interference may be caused by point or magnetic coupling between the signal line and the power line or between the signal line and the signal line. For example, if Q high frequency signal line and the galvanometer signal line are wound together, it is generally necessary to pull the two lines apart for a certain distance.Grounding the case of the cutting machine can not only prevent the risk of leakage of electricity, but also prevent the interference of the power grid to the equipment. If there is no ground wire in the installation environment of the customer, a flat iron above 1m can be used in the field under the local line. In the temporary emergency use, the ground wire can be connected to the steel pipe for water supply.

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Knowledge of electrical component maintenance

Electrical components mainly refer to limit switch, sensor, operation button, work indicator light and so on.1, limit switch laser cutting machine at least once a month to check whether the limit switch is effective, the steps are as follows: start the machine back to zero, make the movement axis do limit position movement, if the movement axis reaches the limit position is to stop movement, then prove the limit switch work normally;If the limit position is reached and the movement continues, the limit switch is damaged.2. Maintenance of each button and indicator lamp after the relevant electrical connection is disconnected, the multimeter shall measure whether the button contact is connected and disconnected normally, and deliberately trigger various working and alarm states to test whether the warning light and signal indicator light are normal.

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