Knowledge of laser cutting machine operation

  • 2019-09-23 10:21:37

Only choose the intelligent laser cutting head can greatly improve the cutting power. Choose the laser cutting machine cutting head, the most important is to see how its cutting accuracy.

The flexibility of the laser cutting machine is also very important, because the flexibility is better, the cutting power will be higher, so the choice of cutting head is the important; Multiple sensors can ensure the quality of cutting, even when dealing with coated workpiece surface; And want to have a better cutting power, it will be perfect connection between the sensor and cutting head, such advantages is greatly cut processing time and cutting time, can be more safe and reliable;However, the non-touch sensor system makes the laser cutting machine very good for cutting, so it is widely used in various professions.The classification of laser cutting gas is as follows:

laser cutting machine

1. Laser gas (gas used in laser generator to generate laser).

2, Compressed air (generally used to protect the light path, some manufacturers also used as a protective gas).

3. Auxiliary gas (that is, the gas emitted from the cutting nozzle of the cutting machine).

For the laser cutting machine to cut different materials to use different auxiliary gas. Depending on the thickness of the cutting material, the pressure of the auxiliary gas and the required flow rate are different. Nitrogen is used in cutting stainless steel to prevent oxidation and blow away the melt.Have high request for the purity of nitrogen (especially stainless steel more than 8 mm, requirements to achieve 99.999% purity) pressure is higher, generally require more than 1 mpa, if you want to cut more than 12 mm, or more to 25 mm thick of stainless steel, required pressure is higher, more than 2 mpa or higher flow, according to a change in the model of cutting nozzle, but is very big, such as cutting 12 mm stainless steel to some manufacturer to 150 m3 / h and cut 3 mm, as long as the flow under 50 m3 / h.

laser cutting machine

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