Maintenance of CNC hydraulic bending machine press brake bender

  • 2020-01-06 16:56:30

hydraulic bending machine

1. CNC hydraulic press brake slider work down is not vertical, make an abnormal sound.

This kind of malfunction is due to the long time use the guide rail, guide rail lubrication is not normal, wear lead to increased clearance.It is necessary to check the wear degree of guide rail platen and readjust to meet the required clearance. Depending on the degree of wear to determine whether to replace the guide rail press. If the strain is more serious, it should be replaced. A. The original pressure plate is sticking plastic, so pay attention to the hardness of sticking plastic and the sticking surface of guide rail. After scraping, make sure that the sticking surface is above 85%, and open zigzag lubricating oil groove; B. metal plug iron is inside the original pressure plate.To choose tin copper plate or ductile iron, surface grinding machine processing, connection bolts should be lower than the surface, open zigzag lubrication groove.

2. Hydraulic bending machine Backguage size inconsistent at both ends

The error of both ends is small, within 2mm, check and confirm that the X1/X2 mechanical transmission structure is trouble-free, and the error can be eliminated by adjusting the finger fine-tuning.If the mechanical transmission structure is trouble-free (such as: bearing, ball screw, wire rail, transmission wheel, transmission belt, etc.), troubleshooting.Readjust to within the tolerance of parallelism and reinstall the synchronous drive.

3.No movement of the backguage

The driving failure of backguage may be caused by the disconnection of the drive shaft with the belt wheel or key bar or the slippage of the belt.Block shaft driver, servo motor failure, host computer control system failure.This kind of fault needs to check and confirm the fault cause, repair or replace the fault components, troubleshooting.

4.The connection between the cylinder and the slider is loose

Loose connection between cylinder and slider may cause incorrect bending angle or the machine could not to find reference point.

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