Problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of punching machine

  • 2020-05-18 10:19:21

1. The danger of the equipment structure. A considerable part of the power press machine uses rigid clutches. This is the use of a cam mechanism to engage or disengage the clutch. Once engaged, it must complete a cycle before stopping. If the hand cannot be drawn out of the mold in time during this cycle, a hand injury will inevitably occur.

2. Movement out of control. The punching press machine will also be subjected to frequent strong shocks and vibrations during operation, causing some parts to be deformed, worn, and even broken, causing the equipment to run out of control and cause dangerous continuous shocks or accidents.

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3. The switch fails. Malfunction of switch control system of power press machine due to human or external factors.

4. The danger of mold. The mold is responsible for the main function of forming the work piece, and is the centralized release part of the energy of the entire system. Because the mold design is unreasonable or flawed, the safety of the operator during use is not taken into account. During operation, the hand must be directly or frequently reached into the mold to complete the operation, thus increasing the possibility of injury. Defective molds may cause accidents under normal operating conditions due to wear, deformation, or damage.

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In stamping operations, stamping machinery, molds, and working methods have a great impact on safety. Stamping accidents may occur in various dangerous parts of the stamping equipment, but most of them occur between the mold strokes, and the injury parts are mainly the operator's hands. When the operator's hand is between the mold strokes, the module falls. It will cause a rushing accident. This is an accident caused by equipment defects and human behavior errors. Relevant personnel must identify the danger of stamping operations.

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