Safety operation of combine punching and shearing machines

  • 2019-12-02 17:14:29

General requirements

1. The worker must be trained, master the ironworker machine "structure, performance, basic principle", "can use, can repair, can maintain, can deal with the general fault".After passing the examination and obtaining the qualification certificate, you can work on the post.

2. The worker is responsible for the operation of the combine punching and shearing machine and the maintenance of safety facilities.

Two, before starting the inspection

1. According to the production order, get the required technical data and get familiar with it.

2. Prepare blank and necessary tools, measuring tools, etc.

3. Check whether the machine is normal and fill with lubricating oil as required.

4. Clean the work surface and the bottom of the slider.

5. When the machine is empty, check whether the lubrication parts are normal and whether the operating mechanism can move according to the operation requirements.

6. Before cutting, cutting tools should be selected according to the type of cutting materials, especially when cutting profiles, according to profiles, tool instructions, blade and installation.

Shearing operation

1. Clean the bottom surface of the mold and put it on the workbench. The upper mold handle should be aligned with the mounting hole on the slider to observe whether the work or waste can leak.

2. Move the flywheel by hand or use the drive device of the press to lower the slider of the press to the lower pole.Move the die during the slide down so that the die holder enters the die holder hole.

3. Adjust the press to the approximate closing height.

4. Install the pressing plate, backing plate and bolts for fixing the lower die, but do not tighten them.

5. Tighten the lower die to ensure that the lower face of the hand slider on the top of the upper die seat is close to the upper die without gap.

6. Tighten the nut of the pressing plate alternately with the lower die step by step.

7. Adjust the closing height to make the punch into the die meet the specified requirements.

8. Pick up the slider and add lubricant to each sliding part.Make sure the upper air outlet die of the guide sleeve is smooth.

9, paper test, observe the burr to judge whether the gap is even.Slide to help drive or move the flywheel by hand.

10, the edge of the oil, with the specified materials test three, check the quality of the parts.

11. After the first piece is qualified, it can run normally.

12. After the machine runs, it should run for at least ten minutes without load, and check the operation parts in detail. If any incorrect phenomenon is found, it must stop the machine immediately for adjustment or repair.

Code of conduct

1. After the machine is started, it is forbidden to put your hand into the dangerous zone of the mold.

2, The cutting edge of the mold and sliding parts, often add lubricating oil.

3. Should often spot check whether the workpiece meets the requirements, to avoid waste.

4. No one shall leave the machine when it is running.

5. After finishing the work, wipe the machine, add lubricating oil and clean the site.

6. Two or more people when the operation, to correspond to each other.

7. The protective cover of each part shall not be removed during the operation of the machine, and hands shall not be allowed to extend into the cover.

8. The punch part of the spring without cover, so we must pay attention to the work can not be hurt by the spring. 9. If abnormal conditions are found at work, stop the machine immediately.

combile punching and shearing machine

Hydraulic Combined Punching Shearing Machine

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