Shearing machine maintenance

  • 2019-09-16 11:56:27

When the CNC shearing machine breakdown, it usually needs special maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance, instead of being repaired by the operator of the equipment. What are the steps for the maintenance personnel to repair the equipment?

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1. The maintenance personnel need to know the operation of the shearing machine to the equipment operator. For example, ask the shearing machine what is abnormal before breakdown. What happened to the equipment in the near future, whether the operator has done well before the work Related preparations, etc., to understand these is conducive to making a preliminary judgment on the breakdown of the shearing machine.

2. Observe the hydraulic system of the CNC shearing machine. Including: pressure value, speed, oil leakage, etc.

3, You can try to start the device, look at the point of maintenance, through vibration, abnormal sounds, etc. to determine the location of the maintenance.

4. Look at the temperature change of the oil and see if the relevant joints of the mechanical parts are loose or stuck.

According to the experience of the shearing machine manufacturer, as long as the above steps are checked, it is basically possible to find out where and why the problem occurred.

Equipment lubrication is definitely the focus of daily maintenance work of hydraulic shearing machines. Every hydraulic shearing machine user will establish the lubrication information of the equipment, and have strict lubrication requirements for the operators, because the lubrication of the equipment is to extend the life of the equipment. The most basic guarantee.

The parts that need to be lubricated by the CNC shearing machine are: one lubrication point on the upper and lower ends of the left and right return cylinders; one of the two nuts of the back gauge has a lubrication point; there is a point on the left and right of the fulcrum of the upper tool holder; There is one lubrication point on the left and right ends of the bushing of the gap; the piston cylinders of the oil cylinders at both ends also need lubrication, and the blocks of the oil cylinders at both ends are also two lubrication points.

As for the method of refueling, the refueling method of the lubrication point mentioned above can directly inject the lubricating oil using the oil gun.

Types of lubricants: Calcium-based greases and mechanical oils can be used, half mixed and used; the only lubrication point required to use graphite lithium grease is the spacers at the ends of the cylinder.

The above mentioned the type of lubrication point and oil of the CNC shearing machine, on the one hand, the lubrication point can not be missed, and the wrong lubricant can not be us.

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