Some common precautions when using laser cutting machine

  • 2020-05-14 09:25:41

With the rise of the laser industry, more and more people are beginning work on laser cutting, but laser cutting machine operators need to be systematically trained before taking up the job, otherwise the laser cutting machine will be dangerous and has an impact on the operator's own safety. The following is a summary of the precautions when using the laser cutting machine:

1. Observe the general safety operation rules of the laser cutting machine, and turn on the laser cutting machine strictly according the laser startup procedure;

2. When operating laser cutting equipment, wear appropriate protective equipment, such as laser glasses (laser is invisible light, which will cause serious damage to eyes, so it is strictly prohibited to look directly at the laser beam, you should wear protective glasses), gloves, protection Fences, etc., and wear protective masks if necessary.

3. During the operation of the laser, it is strictly forbidden to open the hood of the laser.

laser cutting machine

4. Do not place flammable materials such as paper and cloth around the machine workshop. It is especially forbidden to stack flammable materials such as paper and oil in the processing area of the laser cutting machine to prevent fire.

5. When the equipment is working, the operator shall not leave the work position or caretaker without authorization. If he needs to leave, he shall cut off the power or shut down.

6. The laser in the laser cutting machine is a high-energy substance, and even metal can be cut, so people can not touch it. In addition, wearing metal objects is strictly forbidden when operate, which may cause electric shock.

7. The operation workshop should strengthen ventilation. If you feel unwell, please go to the hospital for examination.

8. When the equipment is working, the stability of the machine should be paid attention to, and the machine should be checked in advance to avoid slipping and collision.

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