The difference between pneumatic punch and mechanical punch

  • 2019-11-20 14:38:37

The difference :

Pneumatic punch, brake mode for the pneumatic clutch, the main stamping power, from the motor drive flywheel, flywheel drive crankshaft, and generated by the momentum.

1.safety:pneumatic punch than traditional punch in the safety performance is higher.

2. Precision: The precision of pneumatic punch is higher than the mechanical punch;Upper and lower die is more convenient than traditional punch.

3.Speed:pneumatic punch compared to faster;Pneumatic punch has a cylinder, need to use gas, the traditional needn’t to use gas.

4.Price: pneumatic punch than the traditional punch price is higher.

Ordinary punch, is the use of traditional brake, common for the mechanical key type brake, the main stamping power, from the motor drive flywheel, flywheel drive crankshaft, and the impact generated. Common punching machine, also known as a press, is a more traditional stamping process of a mechanical processing.This kind of machine tool can save product material and energy, the efficiency is relatively low compared with pneumatic punch.The technical requirements of the operator is not high, so there are safety risks.

Pneumatic punching machine is the general machinery of stamping industry, suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing, printing work) with feeding mechanism, can be semi-automatic or full-automatic work, equipped with photoelectric protection, can reduce the occupational injury to the minimum.

pneumatic punch:

Pneumatic punching machine

mechanical punch

mechanical punching machine

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