The differences between torsion shaft press brake machine and electro-hydraulic press brake machine

  • 2020-05-15 14:46:31

There are many types of press brake machine in the market today, and the equipment and systems are also diverse. Among them, the torsion shaft press brake machine and the electro-hydraulic press brake machine have similar functions, but their accessories, system, and price are different. Next, we will introduce the differences between torsion shaft press brake machine and electro-hydraulic press brake machine from many aspect.

1. Structural principle

The design principles of the two models are different, resulting in different structures on both sides of the bending slider to ensure synchronization. The torsion shaft press brake machine uses a torsion shaft to link the left and right swing rods, forming a torsion shaft to force the synchronization mechanism to move the cylinders on both sides up and down, so the torsion shaft press brake machine is a mechanical forced synchronization method, and the parallelism of the slider cannot be automatically checked Mediation. The electro-hydraulic press brake machine is equipped with a grating ruler on the slider or the bed. The numerical control system can analyze the synchronization on both sides of the slider through the information fed back by the grating ruler at any time. If an error occurs, the numerical control system will adjust through the proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve to synchronize the stroke on both sides of the slider. The numerical control system, hydraulic control valve group and grating ruler constitute the feedback closed-loop control of the electro-hydraulic press brake machine.

electro-hydraulic press brake machineelectro-hydraulic press brake machine

2. Workpiece accuracy

The parallelism of the slider determines the angle of the workpiece. The torsion axis bending machine is a machine that keeps the slider synchronized. Without real-time error feedback, the machine itself cannot make automatic adjustments, resulting in poor machining accuracy. In addition, its eccentric load capacity is poor, because the torsion shaft bending machine forces the synchronization mechanism to move the cylinders on both sides up and down through the torsion shaft. If the eccentric load is applied for a long time, the torsion shaft will be deformed. The electro-hydraulic bending machine is the system that controls the slider synchronization through the proportional electro-hydraulic valve group, and the real-time error feedback of the grating ruler. If error grating feedback occurs, the system adjusts through the proportional valve to maintain the synchronization of the slider and improve the processing accuracy.

electro-hydraulic press brake machine

3. Running speed

There are three points in the machine work that determine its running speed: (1) slider speed, (2) back gauge speed, (3) bending step. The torsion shaft bending machine uses 6: 1 or 8: 1 oil cylinder with slow speed, while the electro-hydraulic synchronous press brake machine uses 13: 1 or 15: 1 oil cylinder with fast speed. Therefore, the fast down speed and return speed of the electro-hydraulic press brake are much higher than that of the torsion press brake. When the slider of the torsion axis press brake is descending, although the speed has fast and slow down functions, the fast and return speeds are only 80mm / s, and the speed change is not smooth. The running speed of the backgauge is only 100mm / s. When the slider of the electro-hydraulic press brake is descending, the speed has the functions of fast down and slow down. The fast down and return speeds can reach 200mm / s, and the fast and slow conversion is smooth, which can greatly improve production efficiency. At the same time, the running speed of the backgauge reaches 400mm / s. (In the picture below, the left picture shows the torsion shaft bending machine cylinder, and the right picture shows the electro-hydraulic press brake cylinder)

4. Mechanical strength

Due to its own design, the torsion shaft press brake cannot be biased for bending. If it is bent for a long time, the torsion shaft will deform. The electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC press brake does not have such a problem. The Y1 and Y2 axes on the left and right sides operate independently, so they can be bent off-load.

electro-hydraulic press brake machine

5. Actual operation

Most torsion-axis bending machines are not equipped with a CNC system, and there is no V-axis compensation, so when processing according to the drawings, you can only rely on the experience of the old worker to make a trial folding first. If you fail to meet the standard, you must continue to try. This process not only generates waste, but also has a small selection range and high wages when recruiting workers. Of course, if necessary, you can also choose to add a manual compensation system. The electro-hydraulic bending machine is controlled by a professional numerical control system, with V-axis compensation, simple operation, and low requirements for workers' experience. There is a simulation bending function, no need to stake out, only need to correct the drawing input step size, and directly bend.

electro-hydraulic press brake machine

6. CNC axis

The more the number of control axes of the torsion axis bending machine, the worse the effect. Generally, only the X axis and the Y axis are controlled. The electro-hydraulic bending machine is not controlled by the range of the number of axes, at least 3 + 1 axis, that is, the automatic program design can meet high requirements, such as 4 + 1 axis, 5 + 1 axis, 6 + 1 axis, 7 + 1 axis, 8 + 1 axis and so on. Multi-axis linkage processing. After the workpiece is clamped on a bending machine at one time, it can perform automatic tool change, rotary spindle head, rotary table and other operations to complete the multi-process, multi-surface composite processing, not only high finish, but also efficiency substantial improvement.

7. Advanced matching

The torsion shaft bending machine can be equipped with some better configurations on the basis of the original machine, such as ordinary quick clip, manual compensation, lifting gear fingers, ball screw and linear guide rail rear material, oil cooler, light curtain protection, etc. But electro-hydraulic bending machine can not only be equipped with these basic configurations, but also can be equipped with a variety of advanced accessories. For example, on the basis of ordinary quick clips equipped with better TYOKKO type quick clips or AMADA type quick clips. Not only can the lifting gear finger be selected manually, but also can be equipped with an electric Z gear finger that runs on the guide rail through an AC motor. Light curtain protection can also be replaced with more sensitive and safe laser protection. It can also be equipped with servo pump control system with many advantages such as energy saving, low noise, fast stamping speed, higher accuracy, less fuel consumption, etc .; manipulator that can greatly improve production efficiency; hydraulic clamping system; Detector.

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