The Functions of the Frequency Converter in the CNC Bending Machine

  • 2020-09-29 09:54:20

The Functions of the Frequency Converter in the CNC Bending Machine

The CNC bending machine controls the buttons and various parts of the machine through computer programming the character agency, so that the cutting work can be carried out more quickly and accurately, and it will be better to improve work efficiency.

A very important part of the CNC bending machine is the frequency converter. With this frequency converter, the rotation speed and amplitude of the gear of the bending machine can be changed by the control of the frequency converter. In this way, the types of shears produced will be enriched, and different types of shears can play their advantages in different occasions.

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The frequency converter has many advantages. First, when low frequency work is required, the bending machine maintains a very stable low frequency, and the long-term output is relatively large torque, so that the machine can work smoothly and continuously. The vector control of the machine is always the difficulty of the CNC bending machine, and the CNC technology can solve this difficulty well.

When the mechanical rod needs to be rotated, the frequency converter can effectively control the speed and direction of the rotation, allowing the machine to work more accurately. The use of button control allows the mechanical lever to react quickly, so that it can maintain a fast speed and a very precise angle.

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The frequency converter in the CNC bending machine not only allows the machine to rotate steadily in a high speed range, but also allows the machine to decelerate even stop quickly without damaging the various parts of the machine. Usually it takes a process to convert from a relatively high speed to a low speed, otherwise it will increase the friction between the gears and cause serious damage to the gears, and the inverter will adjust this problem well and make the machine own a strong buffering force, there will be no great wear under this force, and the running speed can be quickly reduced or even stopped.

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