The knowledge of bending machine mould

  • 2019-11-25 17:44:30

Don’t use molds to bend steel bars or other cylindrical products when bending strong or thick materials.

When selecting the upper die, specific to use which upper die, we should understand all the die parameters, and then according to the need to shape the product shape, to decide what upper die to use.When bending R Angle, R upper die and R lower die should be selected.

When using mould, should according to the material of metallic sheet material strongth, ply, length to choose appropriate upper and down mould, press the standard of 5~6T to use commonly go up mould, laser welding length should be a few longer than sheet material, when material is qualitative harder, thickness is bigger makings, apply chamfer a bit wider next mould.In bending a longer workpiece, good do not use section mold, reduce the indentation of the knife, laser welding machine and good choice of single groove, because the single groove of the lower die V groove outer Angle R is large, not easy to produce bending indentation.

Bending machine mold is made of high quality steel products made by special heat treatment, with high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, under great pressure, but each mold has his limits under pressure: t/m, so when using the mould to correctly choose the length of the mold, that is, how much per meter to add pressure, must not be more than mould with the pressure.

When bending acute Angle or pressure dead Angle, should choose 30 degrees, first folding acute Angle, after pressing dead edge.

In the use of the mold, due to the various mold height is not consistent, so the laser welding machine in a machine when choosing the mold can only use the same height of the mold, can not use different height of the mold.It is strictly forbidden to use small module for origin alignment, and the origin alignment must be based on the origin pressure inside the press brake machine.

DA66T CNC Hydraulic Metal Sheet Press Brake Bending Machine 8+1axes

In order not to damage the mold, we stipulate that the upper and down molds with a length of more than 300mm must be used for the origin alignment. The upper and lower molds with the same height can only be used after the origin alignment.

When using the mold, should have a clear mind, after the machine on the origin should lock the upper and down mold, do not let the mold fall, or hurt the mold, during the operation, pressure should be paid attention to, not to add too much pressure, pay attention to the screen display data changes.

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