The software knowledge of CNC laser cutting machine operation

  • 2020-02-11 15:48:38

Laser cutting machine :

Perhaps you do not know laser cutting machine operation has hardware and software. Hardware is mainly about focusing, your body parts can not block the laser light path when focusing, and be careful of burning. Software: special laser cutting machine software, can be used with the mainstream design software. Software is often overlooked, in fact, the use of some software is very important. So in the laser cutting machine which is very important?

laser cutting machine operation

In the process of cutting with a laser cutting machine, the height of the cutting nozzle to the surface of the cut workpiece must be kept basically the same in order to obtain a high-quality incision. This is difficult for manual operation, especially when the cutting material surface smoothness is not high or the cutting processing environment is limited, it is more important to keep the cutting height stable. In order to compensate for the instability of height control during manual cutting, the laser cutting machine has developed a special automatic elevation control system, which is used to automatically keep the distance between the cutting nozzle and the steel plate at a certain set height during flame cutting, so as to improve the cutting quality.

CNC flame cutting application of a wide range of traditional manual steel plate cutting processing before the user is very happy!Because of manual cutting, no matter it is manpower or cutting effect and efficiency can not be compared with CNC cutting, the cost is at least 2 times higher! Although CNC cutting efficiency is high, cutting effect is good, but for the traditional operators, there are still some difficulties, because they generally have no contact with the computer, will not use the computer drawing, nesting software typesetting and other operations.

When using a laser cutting machine, the cutting torch will walk according to the set cutting trajectory, but in the case of different materials, different thickness and different cutting methods, the height of the cutting torch needs to be adjusted and controlled. The information of the cutting nozzle to the surface of the cut workpiece is one of the main factors determining the cutting quality and cutting speed. Take the laser cutting machine as an example. In the actual operation, in addition to choosing the appropriate cutting nozzle type and air pressure parameters according to the cutting situation, the cutting height shall be increased or decreased appropriately according to the conditions of the materials to be cut. Different thickness of steel plate shall use different parameters.At the same time cut the mouth, should adjust the corresponding height.

At the same time, before opening the cutting oxygen at the end of preheating, first raise the cutting torch to a certain height, so as not to block the cutting nozzle when opening the cutting oxygen. The principle of capacitance raising is that capacitance induction ring and steel plate to be cut form two plates of capacitance, the capacitance is related to the distance between the two.

There are a lot of users advice on the use of laser cutting machine every year, which mentioned that people have a big problem of the drawing, they will tend to be operating and fire, but for the people do not know how to draw, in this case, do not rush to buy, because if can't draw, means can not use well, will have a lot of problems. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises who want to buy laser cutting machines must have their own drafters, or a CAD drawing software, whether AUTOCAD, or CAXA, or other mechanical drawing software, as long as they can draw the graph, and save it as DWG or DXF format on the line.

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