Treatment methods of valve group failure of hydraulic bending machine

  • 2020-09-16 09:42:30

Treatment methods for valve group failure of hydraulic bending machine:

The reversing valve of the hydraulic bending machine cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow, which is generally caused by poor lubrication, jammed or destroyed spring, oil or residue stuck to the drag unit, etc. Before checking the power circuit failure, first turn the manual button of the reversing valve twice to see if the reversing valve can change direction normally under the rated standard air pressure. If everything can be changed normally, it is because that there are some faults in the power supply and circuit. During the inspection, the instrument panel can be used to measure the working voltage of the magnet coil to see if the rated current is achieved. If the working voltage is too low, the switching power supply in the control loop and the associated stroke arrangement switching circuit should be further checked.

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The faults for hydraulic transmission system of the bending machine:

The valve cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow, leaking, the electromagnetic induction pilot valve is faulty, etc. If the reversing valve cannot be changed normally under the rated current, check whether the connector (power plug) of the magnet coil is loose or not touching. For the first three cases, the grease and residue on the pilot valve and the core of the fluid transformer should be cleaned up.

If the inlet and outlet holes of the electromagnetic induction pilot valve are blocked by dirt and other dirt, the sealing is not tight, the core of the fluid transformer is stuck, the power circuit is faulty, etc., all can cause the reversing valve to fail for normal commutation

In this regard, it is necessary to check whether everything is normal during the operation of the lubricator and whether the viscosity of the grease is suitable.

The above is a detailed introduction about the troubleshooting method of the valve group. It is expected to have a certain effect on everyone.

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