What are the potential factors that will affect the laser cutting machine

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What are the potential factors that will affect the laser cutting machine

The power of the laser cutting machine has three areas. Knowing it will be of great help to master the operation of the laser cutting machine. Today, let's take you to understand.

Three areas of laser power (over-burning area, defect-free area, slagging area)

1. Over-burning zone: When the laser power is too large, the heat input is too large, making the melting range of the workpiece larger than the range that can be driven by the high-pressure airflow, and the molten metal cannot be blown away by the airflow and overburning occurs.

2. Defect-free area: the laser power is in the proper range, and the cutting effect is good at this time, which is called the defect-free area

3. Slagging area: When the laser power is too small and the heat is insufficient, the closer the lower edge is, the lower the temperature of the molten product, and the greater the viscosity, so it cannot be blown away by the high-pressure airflow and stays on the lower edge of the cutting surface to produce slag. In severe cases, it cannot be cut to form an incision.

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The judging standards of laser cutting machine cutting quality

For laser cutting of plates with a cutting thickness of more than 2mm, the distribution of the cutting surface roughness is uneven, and the difference is large along the thickness direction. Its change has two characteristics:

1. The shape of the cutting surface is divided into two distinct parts. The surface of the upper part is flat and smooth, the cutting stripes are neat and fine, and the roughness value is small; the cutting stripes on the lower part are disordered, the surface is uneven, and the roughness value is large. The upper part is characterized by the direct action of the laser beam, and the lower part is characterized by the erosion of molten metal.

Whether it is continuous laser cutting or pulsed laser cutting, the cutting surface shows upper and lower parts. The difference is that the upper cutting fringe of pulsed laser cutting correspond to the pulse frequency: the higher the frequency, the finer the fringes and the rougher surface The higher the degree, the smaller the value.

2. The surface roughness in the upper area of the cutting surface is generally uniform and does not change with height; while the surface roughness of the lower area changes with height, the closer to the lower edge, the greater the surface roughness value.

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