Why does the CNC bending machine adopt the forging method?

  • 2020-10-14 15:32:09

Why does the CNC bending machine adopt the forging method?

With the development of society, my country's steelmaking technology has reached a certain level. At present, the common processing methods are mainly forging and casting. Castings are lower in cost than forgings. CNC bending machine molds are forged. Many people are curious about why not castings. This article will briefly describe the reasons.

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Casting technology has a long history in my country. The overall cost of the workpiece is very low, mainly by smelting the metal into a liquid, and then pouring the liquid into a specific forming mold. After the metal liquid is cooled, a shaped casting is formed. The casting technology is to burn some steel material in a charcoal fire, and then quickly pull the red steel out and put it into an air hydraulic hammer for forging.

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The reason why CNC bending machine molds choose forging instead of casting is because casting generally requires steel mills to produce rolled blanks, and steel mills are willing to produce when there are many standard parts, but standard parts for CNC bending machine molds generally are not many, and the use of castings is generally not very cost-effective. CNC press brake molds also have high requirements for strength. Castings are easy to have air bubbles during the production process, resulting in not as good as forgings. Forgings are forged with air hammers, and the interior will be more rigid and stronger. so CNC bending machine molds generally choose forging instead of casting.

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