Why should we pay attention to the cylinder when buying a CNC bending machine

  • 2020-10-09 12:02:28

Why should we pay attention to the cylinder when buying a CNC bending machine

The cylinder is used to hold hydraulic oil, and the CNC bending machine is a kind of machine for bending sheet metal. When we use the CNC bending machine to bend the material, we must bend in the middle section. If we are bending on one side, then when the cylinder on one side touches the workpiece, the cylinder on the other side will continue downward until it touches the lower die, the two cylinders begin to pressurize. If the cylinder is working like this, one side high and the other side low, the cylinder of the CNC bending machine will soon be damaged and leak oil. Secondly, try not to choose a two-cylinder CNC bending machine, because the working life of such a CNC bending machine is too short. When the workpiece is in the middle of the CNC bending machine and the cylinder is on both sides, the bending of the slider is affirmative; in addition, due to the reaction force generated by the inclination of the slider, the center of the slider protrudes outward, resulting the Inaccurate bending.

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Since the two-cylinder CNC bending machine is not good, the three-cylinder CNC bending machine is better. The third cylinder is in the middle and the force point is directly in place. The slider will not deform or protrude, which is fully guaranteed The accuracy of bending and also can extend the service life of the equipment.

In addition to the proper selection of the CNC bending machine itself, some important parts of it must also be adjusted reasonably, such as the CNC bending machine presser foot, which is used to press the steel plate during bending. If its seal leaks, It will result in insufficient pressure of the presser foot, which will cause the steel plate to buckle up and some damages such as shear blade chipping and knife jamming.

In this regard, we must pay attention to check the presser foot of the CNC bending machine to prevent the leaking of the seal. If the problem has occurred, it is necessary to replace the seal in time to ensure that the press foot of the CNC bending machine has enough pressure to press the steel plate, which provides a good foundation for the smooth completion of the bending work.

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The above is the reason why you need to look at the specific content of the cylinder when buying a CNC bending machine. Hope it will help you. For more information about CNC bending machines, please see the previous content of our company. If you have any questions, please contact our staff and we will answer you one by one.

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