Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The Internet is an extraordinary tool. It has the power to change how we live and Aoxuanzg recognizes this potential. For us, it is important to help our users and members protect their privacy while taking advantage of all of the benefits the Internet has to offer.

Our “Privacy Policy” applies to all our Internet users and is a complement to Aoxuanzg’s “Terms of Use.” To protect your privacy, Aoxuanzg adheres to various principles in keeping with global practices pertaining to protecting customers’ privacy and electronic documents. We recommend that you read the policy on the confidentiality of electronic documents carefully and regularly. Changes may be made to this Policy, as Aoxuanzg reserves the right to modify, add to and improve its privacy policy.

Personal information

WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, no personal information may be required and collected on

As a general rule, the personal information requested is your full name, email address and postal code, which are required to create an identity when you register on and enable us to offer you customized services that fulfil your goals. All your personal financial information is managed by PayPal according to its terms of use. Only your personal information, such as the package purchased, purchase amount, and first and last names, are transmitted to us by PayPal using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to enable us to generate your invoice.

We use your personal information primarily to:

Identify the best job opportunities and send you the most relevant CVs.

Make it easier for you to find and receive job postings, services and information.

Make it simple to use because you will not have to enter your information once you are connected.

Inform you about updated job postings and new Aoxuanzg services.

Contact you:

- following a change to your profile;

- to close your account at your request.

Allow you to complete a transaction when you purchase a service.

Allow you to participate in surveys or contests.

To allow you to easily perform background checks and personality assessments.

Registration and password protection

Once you have registered on, you will receive a message in your inbox confirming your registration. To activate your account, you must click on the link in this email or copy/paste it into the address bar of your Internet browser, which will automatically redirect you to our website. Under no circumstances, will we confirm your password by email. If you receive a message of this nature, do not reply for your own protection, as this email could be an attempt at phishing. We have no control over the confidentiality of your personal information distributed by you or by third parties through other Internet sites.


If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can continue to use However, you will not be able to access areas that require registration.

Personal information in your curriculum vitae

When posting your online curriculum vitae (CV) on, we require your telephone number in addition to the mandatory information indicated. Additional personal information included in your online CV serves to describe your skills, experience and job preferences. It is not necessary to indicate in your online CV certain confidential and personal information about your private life, political or religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Your online CV allows you to receive job postings only if you authorize employers and recruiters to access your CV. Aoxuanzg has established strict security measures and rigorously protects the privacy of your personal information and respects how you choose this information to be used. We carefully protect your data from any loss, inappropriate use, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification or destruction. Though our CV bank can be accessed solely by users who pay registration fees, we cannot guarantee or be held liable for the conduct of a third party.

You can remove your online CV from at any time. Your personal information will remain stored on our servers for a certain period of time in the event that you should decide to use our services again, or for our protection in the event of litigation.

When entering your personal information, you are free to answer or ignore fields marked “optional.” However, the fields marked “optional” that have not been completed could limit the customized services available to you.

Access to your personal information

We have provided means for ensuring the accuracy of your personal information. You will have the option of editing or updating this information at any time from your virtual office. In particular:

You can view, modify or update the personal information already provided.

You can register. Once you have registered, you will no longer have to provide us with your information. Your information will accompany you wherever you go on


PayPal guarantees the security of your e-commerce transactions according to their terms of use for all transactions made using a credit card or any other method. You will be required to use a 256-bit encrypted password whenever you wish to access information in your personal account.

Your personal information will never be shared with other users without your explicit authorization, except under the conditions stipulated below in the paragraph “Use of personal information.” Our company stores data on a limited-access server protected by a password. Your information is stored or processed where Aoxuanzg, its representatives, agents and employees are located.

You also have an important role to play in protecting your personal information. No one can view or modify your personal information without your user name and password. It is therefore important to keep this information confidential. Aoxuanzg cannot be held liable for possible damages caused by the disclosure of information transmitted over the Internet, given that it is impossible to guarantee absolute security. Please be vigilant.

Message for parents

Dear parents and guardians: we want to help you protect your child’s privacy. We recommend that you show your children how to safely and responsibly use their personal information when using the Internet.

Aoxuanzg’s website is not intended for children under 18 years of age. However, it is not forbidden for adolescents to register and post their CV. If you have concerns about the fact that your children or adolescents are providing personal information on the Internet with your consent, you must provide them with all the necessary safety advice and tips so that they are protected against fraud, harassment or criminal acts that could occur due to a lack of vigilance when using the Internet. If you are a victim of fraud in any form, it is your responsibility to report the incident to the police.


When you register, we create your profile by assigning you a unique personal identification number, which is then sent to your hard drive in the form of a harmless cookie. From then on, you can easily navigate on and visit restricted access areas of the site without filling in a form with information you have already provided.

Cookies are accepted by default on your browser, not on our website. A cookie is a kind of monitor that does not reveal the user’s identity. Cookies store information temporarily or permanently on your hard drive, including the date and time you consulted one of our services and/or information, and notifies us about your preferences, provided you have already registered it. Cookies tell us how often users visit our website. An analysis of cookies allows us to improve the efficiency of your searches and to orient targeted information based on your choices and preferences. You can refuse cookies by changing the parameters of your browser. However, refusing cookies reduces access to the content on our website and will prevent you from benefiting from all of the services available on our website.

User profile

As previously mentioned, all registered users have a unique profile. Each profile is attributed a unique personal identification number, which allows us to ensure that only you have access to your profile.

Use of personal information

Aoxuanzg may disclose your personal information without prior warning a) if the law requires it or in good faith it deems it necessary b) to protect and defend the rights or property of Aoxuanzg, including its administrators, employees and Internet site agents and c) to respond to an emergency situation to ensure the personal security of Aoxuanzg visitors and the public.

In the event that Aoxuanzg is the subject of a sale, transfer or merger with other companies, you authorize us to share and process your personal information to ensure the proper functioning of operations without suspending services. Aoxuanzg commits to informing you within a reasonable period of time by email should such an event occur. However, any objections on your part with respect to the transfer of your personal data to third parties must be communicated by contacting Customer Services. Please indicate “TO BE DETERMINED” in the subject header.


If for any reason you deem that Aoxuanzg has not respected its principles, please let us know by contacting Customer Services. We will take all the necessary steps to identify and correct the problem within a reasonable period of time. Please indicate “Privacy protection” in the subject header.

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