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2 Head 65T 90T Steel Ironworker Machine Hydraulic Press For Table Metal Sheet

Force: 65T/90T

Max. Cutting Plate Thickness: 16mm/20mm

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90T 120T Hydraulic Punching And Shearing Machine 5500w 80mm 65 Ton Ironworker

Machine Nominal Force: 65T

Cutting Thickness: 16mm

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100T 20mm Red High Precision Hydraulic Ironworkers Shearing Notching Punching

Punching Pressure: 100T

Max Cutting Thickness: 20mm

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Q35Y-16 60T 16mm Hydraulic Iron Worker Machine For Punching And Cutting

Tonnage: 60T

Plate Strength: ≤450N/mm²

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7500w 2Head Hydraulic Punch And Shear Machine 65T 90 Ton Ironworker

Machine Force: 65T/90T Can Customized

Machine Max. Cutting Plate Thickness: 16mm/20mm

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Hydraulic Joint Punching Shearing Bending Machine T Bar I Beam Channel

Nominal Force: 90T

Max Cutting Thickness Of Steel Plates: 20mm

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65T Industrial Hydraulic Ironworker Machine For 16mm Steel Plate

Force: 65T

Max.thickness: 16mm

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Hydraulic Combined Iron Worker Punching Machine 160T Pressure

Punching Pressure: 160T

A Trip Size(T*W): 30*335 20*600mm

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Universal Hydraulic Ironworker Safety Shearing Punching

A Trip Size(T*W): 16*250 8*400mm

Slide Trip: 80mm

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Ironworker Hydraulic Universal Steelwork For Steel Structure

Punching Pressure: 120T

Angle Of Shear: 8°

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Hydraulic Ironworker Machine For Metal Punching Cutting Bending

Punching Pressure: 90T

A Trip Size(T*W): 20*330 10*480mm

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Hydraulic Ironworker Multi Function With Punching And Cutting

Punching Pressure: 60T

Slide Trip: 80mm

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Joint Press Stamping Shearing Bending Machine Hydraulic Transmission

Machine Stamping Pressure: 160T

Max.shearing Thickness: 30mm

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16MM Steel Plate Press Brake Cutter Ellipse Square Round Hole

Punching Pressure: 60T

Punching Thickness: 16mm

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